Our Story

Our Founder, Rachel Anne, learned to sew in High School. This passion continued for many years until she began dreaming about the "Quick Set" Sheet Set. In a world where we are so comfortable with not taking a risk or following our dreams, Rachel Anne decides to step out of her comfort zone. While in Law School she launched Rachel Anne Linens and began a crowdfunding campaign. "Crowdfunding isn't about collecting money. It's about making something happen with a crowd of people who believe in something." - Jozefien Daelemans. Let's just say Rachel did not make it her first crowdfunding goal, however, she found a crowd of people who support her and her dream. Nighttime is when our founder does most of her work, 9 times out of 10 from the comfort of her bed.  Here is where a dream became reality, our patent application was written, our contracts were executed and our designs were finalized. We are passionate not only about creating a place of comfort for wherever your journey may take you but in innovating and push our own limits.
Thank you for joining the dream and we hope to bring you comfort as you take on the world.    



The Rachel Anne Linens Team