Care Guide

 Luxe Sheets: 
We recommend you wash your sheets before your first use. --This will assist in the break-in process and soften them up slightly. Remember, these sheets will soften with time, use and washes. Personally, we recommend that sheets are changed every week or so, but doing this you will preserve the quality of your sheets. 

To minimize wrinkles it is best to take the sheets out of the dryer while they are still warm and put on the bed immediately. Note; the spin cycle of washing machines tends to compress the fabric into tight bunches so if you release these bunches before transferring to the dryer you will reduce your wrinkles.

Use only non-chlorine bleach when needed. Fabric softener and dryer sheets are a personal decision, we recommend trying with and without and deciding what is the most comfortable for you.

Despite precautions, wrinkles are normal with any pair of sheets, that hasn’t been heavily treated with prevention chemicals. We understand that wrinkles are not ideal, an effective way of removing these wrinkles is to iron the sheets with a towel in-between as a protection layer. This will allow you to iron the sheets and remove the wrinkles without compromising the sheets with the iron. 

But our general rule is USE IT. ABUSE IT. WASH IT. ENJOY IT.