Next Steps: June 2020

What's Next: 

We started Rachel Anne Linens in Durham, NC. We have watched the changes in the textile industry and even since our launch we have witness more and more textile factories and sewing operations close. While we love providing quality products - our goal has always been to move production of our sheet back to the USA. Now we are taking our next step to reach that goal. 

Over this year (despite all of 2020's surprise), we are planning to remodel the location we have found in Detroit, MI. We have partnered with various organization in Michigan to help train Michiganders in industrial sewing. Specifically, our goal is to reduce recidivism by teaching individuals a transferable trade.

#criminaljusticereform #blacklivematter #bepartofthesolution

We look forward to you taking the next step on this journey.


Thank you,


Rachel Anne Linens <3